Friday, July 20, 2007

Bo Diddley: Bring it to Jerome [1955]

A high-five to 'The Orginator' with a song for pal & bandmate Jerome Green who contributes maracas and vocals on the memorable chorus: "All you pretty women, bring it to my home...."


Emmett said...

Nice! The triumphant return of our Texas correspondent. Always nice to hear this kind of roots maneuver. Good road trip music.

Big B said...

Thanks Emmet. Speaking of road trips...I'll be taking one this weekend to visit my bro in Austin. I have a new nephew to welcome to the fam.

Anonymous said...

Blues maniacs note...
I have not documented this,never seen it in print,but it has to be Walter Jacobs,yes the man himself,Little Walter on the harp here.
Has to be.

Sounds like Willie Dixon on bass.

The tune is on the Chess box set with an out-take of the same tune.

Glory be to the Gods.