Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Boozoo Chavis

Boozoo Chavis: Paper in my Shoe

Recorded in Austin, Texas, this 45 launched the King of Zydeco into dance halls in the deep south and beyond. Any takers on deciphering the lyrics? I thought getting properly lit might help, but now I'm the one who needs deciphering...


Emmett said...

The 1st and 3rd verses are semi-decipherable; the 2nd verse is... crazytown

Why would a man hide paper in his shoe?

Anonymous said...

The 2nd verse sounds like Cajun/ Creole/ Patois or whatever it's called.
And I think the title translates to 'I am poor': you'd put paper in your shoe to cover a hole in the bottom, to keep your socks from getting dirty!

Anonymous said...

According to Bob Dylan in episode 42 of the first season of Theme Time Radio Hour, you put paper in your shoe as part of a voodoo charm (e.g., put on it the name of someone you want to dominate).

And that indecipherable stuff is Zydeco sung in Creole. I can only pick out "parlez-pas," which means "don't speak" or "don't talk about it." I think he says about the same thing in English in another verse.

Big B said...

Thanks Anonymous! Or, should I thank Mr. Dylan? Dig the voodoo charm scenario. Cheers for clarification.

Anonymous said...

whatever it means, I like it a lot and it zeems 2 be a good choice 2 rock arms linked. Very repetetive.

It would fit perfectly into my carnival-dj-set I have 2 play 2morrow in a Cologne neighbourhood-pub.

May I kindly ask u for your permission 2 use the file for that purpose? Thanx in advance!

ano 2.

Big B said...

Ano 2...if it's not too late by all means turn that track up at your gig. Wish I could join in a pint!

Anonymous said...

I think he's basically repeating the previous verse. 'j'ai papier dans mon pied (though pied means foot in regular french, not shoe), ça ta mamma connais pas, ça ils t'en parlez pas'
So I'v got the paper in my foot (crazy cajuns), your momma don't know, they don't talk about it