Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Die Doraus Und Die Marinas: Fred Vom Jupiter [1982]

available on Mute Audio Documents


Emmett said...

TECHNICAL NOTE: There's something hinky about this sound file. When I try to open it with Windows Media Player I get an "incorrect parameter" error. However, I can open it with Quicktime or Realplayer no problem, and it went onto to my iPod without incident. So apologies in advance to Windows Media Player users... you might need to use a different program, or update to a new version of Windows Media Player. Let me know if anyone can't find a way to play this at all, and I'll import it into Audacity and export it to create a second-gen version without parameter issues.

cccconrad said...

this blog, i am realising, can do no wrong.

Emmett said...

Thanks, Conrad!