Friday, July 13, 2007

Philippe Sita:
Ndeko Na Ngai
Bar' Ba Kongo

This was a pretty decent sidewalk find. I bought it, for $5, from a guy who had lined his records up against a fence on the southeast corner of 6th Avenue and West 4th Street. The record was recorded in Brazzaville, the capital of the République Populaire du Congo (that's the "other" Congo, the one that isn't Zaire). Even better, the sleeve is signed by Philippe Sita himself! I can't quite translate the inscription due to my inadequate French and Philippe's handwriting, but it is addressed to "William" and dated "N.Y. 14.04.89". I know nothing whatsoever about Philippe Sita or Congolese music in general, but this is a good record.

Ndeka Na Ngai: strong Latin influence. Nice to hear these joyful sounds emanating from the Congo.

Tora-Tora: amazing polyrhythmic breakdown at the 2:56 mark. Millennia of rhythmic traditions kicking in and making my brain explode.

Bar' Ba Kongo: check out the ending.

NOTE: Our friend Mike will be back shortly. If you see him, say hello. He might be in Tangiers.


Anonymous said...

Are there only 3 tracks?

Emmett said...

Isaiah -- the first tracks on Face A and Face B are unusable due to lip warp. If anyone wants to hear the other cuts, send us an email.

Anonymous said...

Really lovely music--congratulations on another excellent find!

Anonymous said...

beautiful music that soothes the kinks in my brain. thanks for sharing