Monday, July 30, 2007

The Wombles: Womble Of The Universe (in which Orinoco dreams he is an astronaut) [1974]

from the album Keep On Wombling

words & music by Mike Batt

Hearing the music from this mid-'70s UK children's television show again brings back a flood of memories for me -- memories of August 2006, when I was introduced to this song via Waxidermy (big thanks to Alan).

Vocals / sax: Orinoco
Lead guitar: Wellington
Bass guitar: Madame Cholet
Violin: Great Uncle Bulgaria
Drums: Bungo

"Are you never coming down now?"
I heard everyone say
"If you want to come down,
You know it's okay."


Big B said...

yer post brings back memories of august for me as well. it was then you sent a link to waxidermy introducing me to the wombles. the music still frightens me!

my post harks back to august when we were in n.o. and talk of artdecade was born. twelvehundred beers later, and after the passing of sheridan dupree, it's still standing. cheers!

Anonymous said...

seriously, em: at this post it's time to break out the banana splits theme song.

or at least lancelot link, secret chimp.