Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Siouxsie & The Banshees: Christine [1980]

Seminal New Wave.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Mike - how's things ?

Nice call. I'd actually forgotten how much i like this track, though a quick glance at the pic you posted reminds me just how much i preferred their 70's look. Too much of a Culture Club thing going on with their stylist, but i recall the Goth girls on the street seemed to do a much better job in reinterpratation.

There has been something of a heatwave here in Glasgow since Sonic Youth chased away the rain on Tuesday night. Regards.

Mike said...

Sonic Youth in Glasgow? That must have been intense. Are they still playing Daydream Nation in its entirety?

Anonymous said...

Yup. The whole album, plus three encores. I'm kind of getting too old for the pushing down to the front routine, however, so i spent much of the gig in retreat at the back of the auditorium (refurbished cinema). Found myself actually wishing for the first time in my life for the comfort of seats !

Thanks, incidentally, for the "Lou in Berlin" uploads: i just checked my mail for the first time since i've been back online, and i fired off an e-mail to you this morning - did you get it ?

Kippers said...

Great stuff - thanks! I read an interview with Siouxsie just the other day funnily enough. She's looking good for 50.