Friday, August 17, 2007


Orlandivo: Orlandivo [1977]

Lado A:
Tudo Jóia
Um Abraço No Bengil
Tamanco No Samba*

bonus cuts from Lado B:
Onde Anda O Meu Amor
Bolinha De Sabão

arranged by João Donato, and featuring João on all keyboards

*This tune "Tamanco No Samba" in particular is kind of my jammer of the summer so far. Orlandivo really funks up the vocals on the 3rd verse (beginning at 2:19).


Anonymous said...

Really generous post, this one, Emmett.

I've had no ISP for the past couple of months, so even if you'd put this up earlier to properly coincide with a genuine summer climate, i'd still be hearing this for the first time to an ambient backdrop of hissing rain.

Very nice, indeed. Any info on the writing credits ?

Anonymous said...

Orlandivo! Great stuff. Thanks for this!

Emmett said...

Good question about the writing credits, ib. I don't have the CD handy, but I do recall that most of the tracks were credited to Orlandivo/someone else, and the "someone else" varied from track to track. Maybe Orlandivo wrote the music with different lyricists? I don't know.