Friday, September 28, 2007

Grateful Dead: Dancing In The Streets (JAZ edit)

Thanks and praises to JAZ for doing this! It also happens to coincide neatly with the publication of this book.

source material: GD live at Cape Cod Coliseum, 10/27/79


Anonymous said...

Funky indeed.

JAZ chimney ? Did the original source material appear on a Dick's Picks volume ?

As always, when it comes to the Dead please excuse my woeful ignorance, although i acknowledge the studio version appears on 1977's Terrapin Station.

What's Mike up to, Emmett ? Missing his regular posts.

Anonymous said...

Good song. New article on 16 Them All, about Common.

Emmett said...

Hey ib, I'm with you, I'm missing Mike's regular posts. The good news is he's alive and well and he and I have had no Tufnel/St. Hubbins-style falling out. He's just busy. Look for him to rejoin the fray in the not-too-distant future.

vis-a-vis this Dead cut: No, 10-27-79 has never been a Dick's Pick to my knowledge, but it's a well known show among Dead maniacs. Some people say the Dancin'>Franklin's from 11-9-79 Buffalo is actually more wizard than 10-27's.

Anonymous said...

mutron madness. i still stand by 2/26/77 as the ultimate enveloped jerry jam, but this one is up there too. thanks.