Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Listening: Stoned Is

Thanks and praises to the dudes from ear fuzz for turning me on to this number back in August '05. No complaints about the sonar-tinged breakdown which commences at 3:13.

from the album Listening

Also: "Lost In The Paradise", the latest installment of our weekly show on Viva Radio, premieres today at 2 PM. New shows drop every Wednesday at 2 PM EST (GMT -5), and archived shows can always be listened to here.


Anonymous said...

amazing your listening to this (no pun intended).I have this album and just listened to it yesterday.
the whole thing is really fantastic 60's psychedelia.
recommend it!

Anonymous said...

Very, very cool, indeed. Do my ears deceive me or did the Stooges motor over from Detroit to Boston on a mission to check this group out in 1968 ?


Anonymous said...

Never Mind the Stooges...

on listening to this more thoroughly, i just realised the Pistols cribbed the riff for "Submission".

Emmett said...

Good call on "Submission", ib. Similar chords. All Day & All Of The Night would fall into the same general harmonic ballpark as well.