Monday, October 15, 2007

The Merseys: Sorrow

I just found out about 8 minutes ago that this was originally by the McCoys.


Anonymous said...

Nice, Emmett.

Didn't know the McCoys performed the original version of this. Most people will know it probably from Bowie's "Pin Ups" collection of covers.

Didn't realise myself this was produced by Kit Lambert, the Who's svengali.

Emmett said...

I like how in the McCoys version, which is barely over 2 minutes long, the harmonica solo is still 2 bars shorter than it might have been.

And I did not ken the Kit Lambert connection. Thx for the tip, ib.

Anonymous said...

You know that the McCoys was started by Rick Deringer and his brother, under the family name Zehringer, in Ohio.
Sorrow is a great song.


Anonymous said...

Corrections and additions: Band started in Union City, Indiana...Rick Zehringer's brother's name is Randy.