Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Peter Green:
Slabo Day
Just For You
Funky Chunk

vinyl rip, from In The Skies

Like a lot of people, I seem to have come down with a spot of Peter Green fever. Big ups to lovefingers via mardu for putting me onto this LP.

Peter Green (guitar, vocals), Snowy White (guitar)*, Reg Isidore (drums), Kuma Harada (bass), Lennox Langton (percussion), Peter Bardens (organ, electric piano)

*That's Snowy testifying on "Slabo Day". Peter plays lead on the other two tracks.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Snowy White some years later join Thin Lizzy, or am I wrong?

Peter Bardens had just left Camel in 1979, btw.

Anonymous said...

Must've been in the sack when "In the Skies" was originally released, because i don't recall this at all - and i like Peter Green a lot. Very odd.

Funky Chunk had me shaking a foot, and it's a side of Peter Green that's completely new to me. Most cool.

Snowy White did join Thin Lizzy briefly further down the line, after a stint with Pink Floyd on tour in 1977 and working on Rick Wright's solo album ; "In The Skies" was recorded in '77 but not released until two years later. Apparently. News to me.