Monday, October 08, 2007

Robert Palmer: Not a Second Time

Robert Palmer covering some fellow Brits.

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Anonymous said...

Winston O' Boogie!

Sadly, i had no idea Robert Palmer actually died a few years back... Somehow missed that one.

Nice accompanying shot, Mike. That bridge looks eerily familiar, or could it simply be the dramatic kinship of local colour ?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this on my birthday, Mike. This has long been one of my fave early Beatles tracks b/c it was on this number that I indulged my melismatic melodic tendencies most extravagantly. And my voice sounds wizard! (Love the Bobby P. version, too.)

Mike said...

The photo ought to be of a bridge in Batley, Yorkshire... who knows though. I found it on the web and liked the photo.

RP, not JL was born in Batley, but happy 67th to JL nonetheless.

Thanks for the comments, both of you.

Anonymous said...


I was working the late shift the night Robert Palmer died. When I read the news on the internet, I let out an audible 'gasp'! I suprised even myself, let alone the people in the room. I had never done that before.
For anyone. Nice pick. Thanks.