Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mighty Baby: Egyptian Tomb

This jam appears on the CD in the new ish of MOJO. I think it's time for me to take the plunge and buy the album. Visit our friends at The Rising Storm for a full review.

Visit The Met for some actual Egyptian tombs, many of which still palpably resonate with the spirits of the tyrants encased within.


Anonymous said...

hey emmett
thanks. i've been enjoying Mighty Baby's Jug Of Love LP quite a bit lately. its more country folk but good.

i subscribe to mojo myself, despite the price tag. usually the sampler cd's stay wrapped, but this month has a great mix, i thought.

Emmett said...

I'm a proud Mojo subscriber myself. The CDs are hit & miss but there's sometimes some fabulous stuff on them. And all you need to do to appreciate how good Mojo's writing is is to pick up an ish of "Uncut".

Lord Horatio said...

wow i think i saw that figurine at the christmas market in union square.

Anonymous said...

Uncut... hahh. Yeah I hear you. I suppose mojo is great, just have become a little jaded from Arctic Monkey covers. Don't miss the Oxford American 'music issue' out now; really great CD with it

Anonymous said...

Just listened to the mix last night.. pretty smoking.. good call!