Thursday, January 17, 2008

Francis Lai: Emmanuelle's Lesson Of Love

From the Emmanuelle II soundtrack.

For more neo-Floydian softcore sounds from Francis, see here.


Anonymous said...

Nice. Is that Sylvia Kristel doing the breathy vocal on this one, i wonder, or an anonymous session singer ?

I remember going to see Emmanuelle III at a theatre when it came out - that particular sequel was in 3D and cardboard speX were ubiquitous.

Emmett said...

Glad you asked, IB. Sylvia sings the title cut on this LP but on this track, judging by the sheer professionalism of the vocals, I'm thinking it's an anonymous session singer. Don't know though. Whoever it is does a very good job.

davyh said...

Marvellous stuff. Softcore porn soundtracks was really where cool instrumental music was at in the 70s huh? Richard Wright should sue mind.