Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Phil Collins: I'm Not Moving (Idjut Boys edit) [1981/2007]

Featuring a guided tour through the history of reverb, plus periodic vinyl crumble for Balearic verisimilitude.

c.f.: Phil's OG, from Face Value

Phil Collins: piano, drums, vocals, Prophet, Vocoder, percussion
John Giblin: bass

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Anonymous said...

Funnily enough, i was listening to George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass" the other day, which features a nineteen year-old Phil Collins filling in percussion on the track "Art of Dying". The liner notes reveal the song was written in 1966, but i'm assuming actual recording session was in 1970 ?

seandonson said...

How have I not been through here before? Incredible track!

Unknown said...

I re-posted this track...hope it's fine.


Unknown said...

Please could you take this down, this will be coming out as a vinyl promo on the Box Office label. This is NOT for net distribution.

Emmett said...

Hey Kevin, I just took it down, and I'm glad to hear this is being officially released! I sincerely hope I haven't negatively impacted sales by posting it. Suffice to say that this edit has acquired legend status and is one of the creative highpoints of the late 2000s (seriously).


Disco D said...

please re-post!
neither phil collins or virgin records will earn any money from the illegal/bootleg vinyl release.

be an mp3 renegade!
thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Disco D, you raise a valid point but I'd say the Idjuts deserve a couple dollars for this piece of work, so I'm not reposting this now.

Odds are good it'll pop up on the Internet again anyway. Hold tight.

E*Rock said...

this remix is great. i wish i could find a hi-res mp3 (or 12"!). no luck at beatport, TT lab, or itunes yet...