Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stars On: Stars On 45 [1981]
Stars On: Stars On Long Play [1981]
Smyle: Crazy Lazy Little Miss Daisy [1974]
Beatles: Thank You Girl [1963]

On first re-listening to Stars On 45, I was struck by how good the guy singing the John parts is. That vocalist is, of course, Bas Muys of the Dutch post-glam outfit Smyle. A quick listen to the Smyle track posted above will reveal that Bas's fascination with the early Beatles sound was firmly established long before producer Jaap Eggermont hatched the idea for Stars On.

Stars On 45 hit #1 on the U.S. charts in May of '81, when those who had been 10 years old in 1964 were turning 27. For the faithful, I'm including the LP version, which gamely plows through 28 Beatles classics (or 29 IF you count an instrumental snippet of "My Sweet Lord") in 16 minutes. "Every Little Thing" is a particular highlight for this writer.

The stars on 45 keeps on turning in your mind...


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the "Beat The Clock" Sparks reference at the beginning!

Anonymous said...

Hey Crimson, is that a Sparks reference? Ha ha. I think I have Beat The Clock on my IpOD somewhere but I've never listened to it. I'll have to dig that out now. Thx for the tip!

chelsea said...

"Thank You Girl" of Beatles is a great song.

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