Thursday, February 07, 2008


Ucok Aka Harahap & Bengkel Musik Remaja:
Rock Dang Dud, side B

1. Joget Asyik
2. Waspada
3. Gajah & Semut
4. Dukun
5. Rock Dang Dud

All I really know about this Indonesian LP is what the eBay seller wrote for the auction:

"One of Ucok's project outside AKA where the band was about to disbanded and leading to the later founded SAS by the remaining 3 members. This one is a hybrid of Dang Dut and Rock music just like what Rhoma Irama did. Might be a dj copy since Ebony was one of the biggest 80s-90s discotheque in Jakarta. 2 tracks were credited to Adhi Mantra from Golden Wing."

Track 3: Looks like someone's been listening to Zeppelin III.
Track 5: One of my favorites on the album.

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Mike said...

Excellent re: Gajah. I hope they're paying royalties on that one.