Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Première Classe: La Fille Qui Rit

I did a google blog search the other day in search of anyone else who might be repping Mikado's Par Hasard. The stratagem worked like a charm as it turned up this great French wave comp, which includes the song posted above. Apparently this is the B-side of a track called Poupée Flash. If anyone has an mp3 of that one, please do get in touch.

Love when this goes to minor at 2:36.


Emmett said...

This song reminds me something... perhaps it's Don Henley's Boys Of Summer or maybe it's this?

Liam McCombe said...

Well, you can pick up the 12" single from various online record stores, most notably, Picadilly Records, from which I bought mine. If you're after the track Poupee Flash, try buying the Fabric.43 mix CD by Metro Area as it features a mixed version (slowed down, shortened) of it.