Sunday, April 13, 2008

Philip Glass (composer):
Satyagraha - Act I, Scene 1: The Kuru Field of Justice
Satyagraha - Act III, New Castle March, 1913 (final movement)

New York City Opera, 1985.

Commissioned in 1979 by the City of Rotterdam, Satyagraha premiered in Rotterdam on September 5, 1980. It made its Metropolitan Opera premier on Friday night. It's immensely beautiful. If you are in New York I would recommend seeing it before the season is over.

Sung in Sanskrit.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, how goes it ? Been out of circulation and sorts for the last month or so. Curious to know where Televison's version of "KoHD" you posted the other week comes from. I have "Blow-Up" and i'm pretty sure it's not from "Double Exposure" or any other bootleg i know of. BTW, i take Emmett's point on board - nothing particularly extraordinary or new about it, but as an ardent Verlaine aficianado i couldn't let it go by without asking...

Mike said...

ib! Good to hear from you. When we don't hear from you for a while we assume the worst - that you've found a more interesting blog.

The Television recording is from a bootleg recorded June 9th, 1978 in Roslyn, NY at a club named "My Father's Place."

More on the club here:
and here:

The show's setlist: See No Evil /Venus / Glory / Friction / Ain't That Nothin' / Little Johnny Jewel / Careful / Foxhole / Knockin' On Heaven's Door / Marquee Moon / Satisfaction

If you'd like it, I can post the whole show for you sometime. I am very fond of it.

Anonymous said...

i've been MIA of late, in that there's been more going on offline than on... scribbler's block meets stumbling block meets lost in space.

Thanks for the info and link RE "My Father's Place". The unexpurgated show would be very welcome. I'm also something of a Television addict myself. Have you heard Tom Verlaine's instrumental collection, "Around", from 2006 ? It was kind of overshadowed by the in tandem release of "Songs & Other Things", but is much superior in my opinion.