Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Rabbitt: Savage

Written by Trevor Rabin. Recorded at RPM Studios, Johannesburg. From the album Boys Will Be Boys.

This is a bumrocks re-rage. File under: shockingly good.


Anonymous said...

Same Trevor Rabin who would go on joining Yes for their "Owner of a Lonely Heart", I assume.
He must be the far left guy on the picture?

Emmett said...

You are right on both counts, Anders. If my math is correct, Trevor was a wee lad of 21 when he cut this record. Rabbitt keyboardist Duncan Faure would later join the Bay City Rollers (AKA "Rollers") as their lead singer. But I believe it's Trevor R. who sings on this track. I'd also like to give a shout out to drummer Neil Cloud, who rocks the house on this.

Kneiv said...

Rabbitt recorded two albums in the 70s before Trevor left them. Both showcase Trevor's virtuosity as a guitarist. He certainly was backed by a more than capable rhythm section in Ronnie Robot and Neil Cloud. Neil went on to drum for Peter Frampton in the seventies and then packed up his sticks and went into the family business - office furniture.

About five years ago there was a threatened Rabbitt reunion here in South Africa - it never happened which is an immense tragedy.

Emmett said...

Hey Rob, thanks for the comment, and especially for the info on Neil Cloud! He is a fantastic drummer.