Friday, May 09, 2008


Guy Pedersen: Kermesse Non Heroique

original air date: 1/17/07

Found on the CD accompanying this book, which I picked up at a nice shop called L'Oeil du Silence in Paris [91 Rue des Martyrs; 33-1/42-64-45-40] back in spring 2006.

Must have been a fun day in the studio for Guy and his colleagues.


Anonymous said...

Heroically fine and sunny! Thanks for sharing this one, emmett. It's unusual for a track of this length to make it onto a library music release, but it keeps on cooking...

This wouldn't sound at all out of place on a daevid allen/gong LP. Very nice find.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly, ib, regarding the unusual length. Nice horn arrangements near the end, BTW.

Anonymous said...

Huge coke-fest!

Mike said...

It's strange how that picture got somewhat distorted on the blog. I like the distorted version though, as it goes well with the song.

The way I remember the start of ArtDecade, this was one of the songs that I was especially pumped about sending out to the Internet. I mean it was Emmett's song to send out to the Internet, and I was just psyched to read people's reactions... Back then AD probably got about 50 hits / day.

Thanks for reposting it now that our traffic is a huge multiple of what it was 16 months ago.

c.blak said...

I was just over at and "Plkbryn" had a snippet of this song in their ISH record reviews. Man, what a stroke of luck that you had it posted too. Thanks man.