Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Number One Ensemble: Sky Blue

Written by M. Salerno - M. Logan. Poduced by Massimo Salerno. Recorded at Regson Studio in Milan. Mixed with Aphex Aural Exciter System.


Emmett said...

One is reminded of Mike's apt description of theme from boat weirdos: "a wholesome take on a life of painkiller addiction."

Thanks to the guitar player in the right channel for his tone selection and tasteful flourishes.

Anonymous said...


seandonson said...

Gorgeous track. Number One Ensemble were an amazing group if musicians, the bass player in particular is always cruising all over their tracks.

BTW... Do you have a clean copy of Back to Heaven? I have two different copies and they're both ripped from CBS. Meaning IF is either singing or talking over both. I've been looking for it forever and just can't afford this rare record. Lemme know.

sack lunch said...

yeah i was about to ask for Back to Heaven too. it's easier to find on vinyl (expensive though) than it is mp3