Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Estrak Lancios: Cosmopolitan Wave

This is the complete first side of an album entitled Cosmopolitan Wave, by Estrak Lancios (which is apparently a pseudonym for Bernard Estardy). This side is comprised of the following "tracks": Red Wave, Violet Wave, Yellow Wave, Green Wave, Black Wave.

My favorite passage is probably the stretch from 8:50 to 11:53... would that be "Yellow Wave"?

Produced by France Etoile


sack lunch said...

That's brilliant!! Reminds me of Azoto but even weirder

Anonymous said...

Awesome, Sack, glad you liked it. Never heard of this Azoto chap before but I've just been checking some of his stuff and I can see the connection. Cheers.

the saucer people said...

I have been wanting to hear the Bernard Estardy AKA Estrak Lancios "Cosmopolitan Waves" album for so so long, its another one of those albums that are always described by collectors as the "holy grail of French cosmic disco" (how many "holy grails" can you have?!? I guess its a little like the actual 'Holy Grail' with multiple versions secreted in various churches across the world).

Anyway, thanks so much for sharing the record, its the only place on the t'internet you can hear it...its absolutely amazing and now I understand why its got a £80-100 price seems late seventies Bernard Estardy can do no wrong, as good as his 1977 'Universal Energy' collaboration with Jean Pierre Bourtayre...definitely up there with fellow French electroprogdisco gods, JP Massiera, Bernard Fevre and Sauveur Mallia.

So what are the chances of this being the only place on the net that has both sides of the album posted? ;)