Friday, June 20, 2008

Delaney & Bonnie: Groupie (Superstar)

written by Bonnie Bramlett and Leon Russell


davyh said...

Wow. This can go with Klaatu in the 'brilliant originals of songs covered by The Carpenters that Emmett helped me hear for the first time' box. And I thank you kindly for it companero.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, yeah, interesting connection there, Davy. Apparently the Carpenters covered it b/c Richard Carpenter saw Bette Midler singing it on the Tonight Show one night. Not sure where Bette heard it... probably on the Mad Dogs & Englishmen album.

BTW this was supposed to be an evocative vinyl rip but the scratchy mono mix 45 I bought really wasn't usable. Stay tuned for a vinyl rip of this if I find the stereo mix on wax. A luta continua.

Anonymous said...

I believed to know from Visitthebest known things is a drop, unknown things is like a sea.

Anonymous said...

Lennon name-checked Delaney & Bonnie frequently after he arrived in New York, perhaps because of the mutual Eric Clapton connection at the time.

Great stuff.