Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Elton John: Are You Ready For Love

From The Complete Thom Bell Sessions. Written by L. Bell/T. Bell/C. James. Arranged, conducted and produced by Thom Bell. Featuring The Spinners on vocals.

Thanks to Basement for this one.

less Spinners, more bongos:
Are You Ready For Love (full length 1979 version)


Emmett said...

Pretty cool that Jerry Garcia stopped by for an overdub in the left channel at 5:25.

Anonymous said...

Hello Emmett, check WDPK webzine !

Anonymous said...

Great! Merci beaucoup, WDPK. Ironically, this Elton J. song is kind of in a similar vein as Rare Pleasure.

Mark said...

I'm still looking for the version that inspired the posting of the track. This is ripped from an A-1 records mix. Less Spinners and more bongos in this one - Anyone out there ID this version? Sounds closer to the Ashley Beedle version but not quite the same.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark, yeah I know the one you mean -- it's the "1979 long version". I have it and I'll post it now. Cheers.