Thursday, June 26, 2008


União Black: Every 1's A Winner [2005]
Nicodemus: Computer Knife And Fork [1986]

A double-shot of archival footage for this Thursday.

União Black: original air date 6/22/07. From the album Banda União Black. Portuguese-language Hot Chocolate cover. Beautiful bass drum sound.

Nicodemus: original air date 4/25/07. Available on this compilation. Lethal groove. Lyrics remain enigmatic. The last time I listened I caught the words "radar balloon". Witty Henry's production repays close attention.


Anonymous said...

the União Black is especially good. I think I missed it first time around. Either that, or I was in a bad frame of mind... Good that you resurrected it from the archives, Emmett.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're digging it, ib. Not surprised you missed it first time around -- June 2K7 was a weird month for everybody.

Congrats on the direct linking over at SibLINGSHOT, by the way. Good times.

ib said...

Thanks, emmett. The media player is a fine thing, especially. I finally figured out that the browser I was using was causing a lot of issues.

Good times, indeed.

BTW, what's up with Big B these days ? He hasn't posted anything for quite some time.