Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Robert Palmer: Woke Up Laughing (at 45)

Words and music by Robert Palmer. From the album Clues.
Recorded at Compass Point Studios, New Providence, Bahamas.
Drums/Dony Wynn
Keyboards/Jack Waldman
Guitars bass drums/Robert Palmer


Emmett said...

This was sent along by a good friend of this blog, who heard this track played at this speed by a certain Afro/Cosmic DJ, probably of Italian extraction (the exact details have been misted over by the sands of time). We haven't seen this kind of 12/8 polyrhythmic complexity in these parts since this one.

For some trenchant commentary on the practice of playing records at the wrong speed, check out the great interview with Afro/Cosmic record vendor Gianni Zuffa (or is that Zufo?) over at the newly launched DJ History blog.

And special thanks to Mike for turning me on this album. We've now posted 4 songs from it... is that the record?

Mike said...

Yeah, we'll get the final 3 or 4 in before we are done. This is... interesting... much more interesting if we could take out the vocals. Maybe it just takes some getting used to. Drinks on the roof on Friday night?

Anonymous said...

Yes, see you Friday!

Up on a roof > In my room > at the zoo > Itchykoo Park > macarthur's park > great gig in the sky