Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cross Country: Just A Thought

Written and sung by Mitch Margo; also featuring Jay Siegel and Phil Margo (all formerly of The Tokens). From their self-titled LP.

So autumnal.

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post "just a thought" mp3 in other formats besides quick time if possible please........

Anonymous said...

Hey K Lifewalks, it's not in quicktime, it's just an mp3 that doesn't swing in any particular direction, to my knowledge. Set your Windows Media (or whatever) preferences to play mp3s using that player and you should be in business. Enjoy...

Anonymous said...

Hello Emmett,

Just to tell you, that I discovered Art Decade just before summer and that it is so far the best music blog that i ever seen on the net. I really completly love your taste in music, and thanks to you I discovered a lot of great sound of the 70's that I love... I can not imagine the ealier now old dead links that I missed :(
My absolute 4 fav are (and I almost sure that you're the one who posted all of them):
Bill Fay Group: Strange Stairway
Hi - Voltage Orchestra: Midnight Blue ( great great great!!!)
Number one Ensemble :Sky Blue ( almost even greater... absolutly amazing... ...)
Curt Boettcher: California Music
Tullio de piscopo : Stop bajon ( I knew this one but didn't hear it since a long long time maybe even in the 70's: I'm 39... )
These are the titles that I was waiting during this summer in my car ( i put shuffle on my Ipod ).
If you have some advise of titles a little bit like these ones do not hesitate! Thank's again for the discovery of these little diamonds :)
Best regards from Paris ( In France... not in Texas :) )


Emmett said...

Hey Renaud, thanks for the comment! So glad you're enjoying the tunes on here. In terms of what might be slightly similar to the songs you mentioned, allow me to recommend the Phil Collins Idjut Boys edit, Arumbai by Massada (which came via, as did the Bill Fay track), and Venice by Antonio Adolfo. If you have trouble finding those send me an email and I'll hook you up. Don't worry about the dead links... we re-post archival stuff on a regular basis so if anything was really good it will come back eventually.

Greetings from New York (the 2nd greatest city in the world after Paris! :). Cheers, Emmett

Anonymous said...

shame on me for not exploring Mitch Margo's post Tokens career. this is great.

Anonymous said...

thanks,this song is pretty dope

Unknown said...

Hello. I feel that I have heard "Just a thought" play on one of my Pandora stations but it sounded different. I was wondering if anyone knows is this song has ever been covered by another artist/group?