Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Serge Gainsbourg: Requiem Pour Un Con

As heard in the film Le Pacha. Available on this compilation. Rhythmic tension through the roof.



ib said...

Fantastic post; fantastic pic.

I have not seen La Pacha, but plan to rectify that at some future point.

"Requiem Pour un Con", the bonus, is shit hot! Tremendous.

Bizarrely, I was putting together a post on Serge today when I caught wind that you'd got there first. I considered pulling it briefly, but decided to run with it.


Emmett said...

Yeah the bonus has heavier bass. You kind of need to turn up the bass a bit on the vocal version, and/or play it loud or run it thru a compressor.

Let your Serge flag fly, ib. I'm heading over to Siblingshot now to check this out...

Anonymous said...

boy o boy, serge could do virtually everything.

He made great bossastyle chansons in the 6ts, one of the best glamrock albums ever (melody nelson), a classy boogie rock lp with politically uncorrect lyrics (rock around the bunker) an even two fantastic "compass point sound" reggae albums in the 7ts,

and here on your great blog i'm now delighted 2 discover that he was even good in toastin' on fantastic hip hop breakbeats.

great blogspot by the way....

anonymus no. 2