Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Al Stewart: On The Border

I'm feeling the need to revisit this bumrocks via cracklin' chim heater from '06. Best snare-drum-on-2-but-not-on-4 tension since the intro to this one.

From Year of the Cat. Produced by Alan Parsons. Sleeve by Hipgnosis.


ib said...

"Year Of The Cat" was the LP in constant rotation to demonstrate in store HI-FI at a certain point in the 70s. That and "Captain Fantastic" by Elton John, I remember.

Always liked the title track and single.

Anonymous said...

he pretty much can do no wrong in my book. i'm probably wrong about that, but i sincerely don't care... if that's my malfunction, i'll gladly wear it.

Anonymous said...

About 70% of his songs have nautical themes, which is a plus.

This song is really a stone-cold killer. Double tracked vocals on the bridge = Beatlesque magic