Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dee Clark: Nobody But You

First hitting turntables in October '58 on Chicago's Vee-Jay Records. [Check out their jukebox.] What's missing are Vee-Jay's first US releases of The Beatles.


ib said...

Nice, Big B. I didn't know Vee-Jay released the Beatles Stateside prior to Capitol. Thanks for setting that straight.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, my mom actually had that Vee-Jay copy of "Introducing the Beatles" (same tracklist as the Please Please Me LP in the UK, I believe), so I grew up with that.

Lovely reverb on the vocals here. That's 1958 for you... the land of magnificent reverb.

Anonymous said...

Re the Beatles on Vee-Jay: correct -- they had 'em first. My daughter discovered my collection in the nineties, confiscated it, and built it out with newer, even cooler acquisitions (vinyl such as "Hollywood Bowl", vintage NME-licensed memorabilia, etc.), including Vee-Jay's oddball "Hear the Beatles Tell All" (e.g., cash-in from 1964... after they'd lost the boys to Capitol.