Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Kinks - Strangers


ib said...

Crazy little sketch, I've been meaning to say, Sheridan. Is the chap on the right being shaved ? Or is a tooth in the process of being extracted ?

Oddly intriguing.

Oh, and a nice song too.

Sheridan Dupre said...

Hey, IB. How're things? The sketch is indeed a man being shaved. It was done by my brother on his recent trip to India.

ib said...

Nice. I trust he's now safely home ? That is some bad business in Mumbai, right now. One moment I was busy posting on the subject of Kali Yantra, and the next all hell was breaking loose on my television.

I like the expression on the man being shaved. Your brother did an excellent job in capturing the moment.

Sheridan Dupre said...

Yes, he is safely home and you're right - that is some bad business. He spent most of his time in Calcutta when he was over there.