Saturday, November 08, 2008

September 29, 1979
Stardust Ballroom
Los Angeles

Talking Heads:
Artists Only
Stay Hungry
Electric Guitar
New Feeling
Love Goes To a Building On Fire
Found a Job
Psycho Killer
Life During Wartime
Take Me To The River


Anonymous said...

quite simply amazing... the quality is excellent! thank you so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Very good stuff...thanks for posting

JamesChanceOfficial said...

Fantastic. Thank you. I'm going to link this from my blog.

Anonymous said...

thanks - brought back some lovely memories - i love that song, Heaven.

mcgaunt said...
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mcgaunt said...

Any chance you might post these again? I was in here yesterday but didn't have the time to download, and today they're gone... Sure would make my day!

Mike said...

Hi mcgaunt,

you are in some luck... temporarily. i forgot to take down the tracks so they are still up there for you. I won't put the links back on the site because it is too much work, but follow the following format and you will find the songs: word of song title).mp3
So Found a Job would be found at
I'll take the tracks down for real in a week or so. If you see this, and I doubt you will, enjoy.