Monday, November 17, 2008

Wendy Carlos:
Rossini - Overture to La Gazza Ladra ("The Thieving Magpie")
Purcell - Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary

Unknown Performer: Rossini - La Gazza Ladra (organic version)

"Nothing primes inspiration more than necessity, whether it be the presence of a copyist waiting for your work or the prodding of an impresario tearing his hair." --Gioachino Rossini


ib said...

Hey! Beautiful apartment!

This is before I've even thought about listening to the Rossini and Purcell. I'm so distracted by this vision of lovliness, I very nearly typed Puccini.

ib said...

Ah. I see from the caption this is apparently Wendy Carlos' studio. Very nice. Very tidy.

Apparently some artists can function creatively without any chaos whatsoever ?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's a photo of her "Brownstone studio" somewhere on West End Avenue, Manhattan. Remarkably tidy. Interesting story: Wendy contacted Kubrick about doing the soundtrack after he had completed filming the movie, Stanley said "yes", and so Wendy went ahead and recorded the above. Kismet.

ib said...

Interesting that it was after filming was completed. It somehow mirrors as well as complements Kubrick's own very peculiar modus operandi.

A very fastidious individual. And very ordered; not given to spontaneity at all.

Still. The recordings here are rather gorgeous. As was much of Kubrick's output.