Saturday, December 20, 2008

August 18, 2000
Bizarre Festival
Weeze, Germany

Moby -
Find My Baby
James Bond Theme
Next is the E
Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad
Ring of Fire
Ah Ah
Bring Back My Happiness
Natural Blues
Feeling So Real
Run On


Anonymous said...

"During (the late '80s/early '90s), Moby lived in an abandoned factory in a crack-infested neighborhood in Stamford, Connecticut, and his loft in the abandoned factory had neither running water nor heat."

You can hear the grittiness of Stamford in these jams.

Mike said...

"And if things got too tough and he decided he needed some running water he could get away to his parent's house in Darien for the weekend."

That explains the Stairway tease.

ib said...

Quite understandably, anyone ought to be immediately suspicious of self-professed "genius"es; leaving aside the spurious Orwellian reinvention.

The first time I heard 'genius' associated with Mr. Moby, I spluttered the better part of a pint over my shirt. No doubt his take on electronic dance is now considered simply "classic".

Anonymous said...

Ultimately, Moby's genius was his ability to tap into the seething cultural ferment that was late '80s Fairfield County.

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