Friday, December 05, 2008

Claude Larson - Mosquito

...from a library record so rare, not even the great Paul Durango has it; yet this jam has been lovingly re-issued by afro-funky records.

Notes: "African orchestra-sounds including original African instruments recorded in South Africa. Original African drums played by members of the Xosa-Tribe, recorded in Cape Town South Africa."

Claude bringing some Rimsky-Korsakov-type styles to the table on this one.


Anonymous said...

seriously... that could've gone on forever...

Anonymous said...

It nearly does, Jude. It nearly does.

Speaking of Rundgren, what album should I get next if I already have Something/Anything, AWATS, and Healing, as well as all the Nazz LPs? Maybe Weird of Mink Hollow?

Anonymous said...

yeah "...Mink Hollow" is a good latter 70's effort. I'd get "Todd" from '74 if for no other reason than "Everyone's Going To Heaven/King Kong Reggae". Also, witness "Initation"('75)just to see how Utopia was formed -- and in the forthcoming years -- wormed its way into my heart as it has to stay.

Speaking of Utopia. LOVE all that shit up until about 1980... then it goes Pop...

BONUS TODD! I love this foolhearty clip from the Utopia years with Ankh guitar in tow!:

classic...and hilarious:).


Anonymous said...


34 Todd related lps. Have fun!