Thursday, December 04, 2008

Hamilton Bohannon - South African Man

Hamilton plies his hypnotic trade on this 9/4 mesmerisation experience. Thanks to zip chim for saving me from the tragedy of possibly not hearing this. Observations:

1. The bass player (which is who? Fernando Saunders, I guess?) is going fucking mental. Check out when he varies his line slightly at 1:50. Kaboom.

2. The dude (or lady) on the guiro is scraping every 4 beats, while the song is in 9, so, if my calculations are correct, they re-synchronize every 36 beats.

3. Hamilton Bohannon was Stevie Wonder's drummer from '67 to '69. Does this mean that for a time Stevie's rhythm section consisted of Hamilton Bohannon and Michael Henderson? Oh gosh.


Emmett said...

For the faithful: I've upgraded the sound quality on that Pat Metheny song, over here.

Abigail said...

I can hardly watch the progress bar on my download I'm so anxious to hear this! I just want to say thanks for the tips, Emmett, which I check every day. Great company, always.

Emmett said...

Hey Abigail, thanks for chiming in! BTW I recommend Window Media Player; it starts playing the song immediately, and it doesn't take you away from the page you're on.

Cheers. Thanks again for the comment.

Big B said...

classic. great find!

sleepmonk said...

This is wonderful,thank you very much!!

All the best to you & yours.