Wednesday, December 10, 2008

James Last - Question

Yeah, it's a Moody Blues cover. And a strange one at times. Jim Gordon on drums, last heard in these parts on this one.

Check Doug Payne's liner notes for further explication.


ib said...

Not quite in the same league as Percy Faith - who is now inextricably entwined with Art Decade in my mind, Emmett. I recall James Last from seemingly ancient familial gatherings from the 70s. Somewhat sinisterly, I chiefly remember an uncle demonstrating the splendor of Bang & Olufsen hi-fidelity with the aid of a James Last LP.

Emmett said...

Great reminiscences, ib. Enoch Light is probably the all-time stereo demonstration music king, eh?

Speaking of, one doesn't get many stereo demonstrations these days, does one? mp3s are great in certain ways but they're ruining everybody's ears.

ib said...

Al Stewart was very popular also in the arena of shop-floor stereo demonstration, I remember. I always liked "Year Of The Cat".