Monday, January 19, 2009

Alex Chilton -
My Rival
I've Had It

This site has seen a couple of Big Star posts, and a handful of Alex Chilton references (all courtesy of our guest poster extraordinaire, ib, before he launched the phenomenal SibLINGSHOT), but I don't think we've covered any Chilton solo work. Amends will be made this week.


ib said...

Both these tracks are superb and very indicative of this "bootleg" - an essential set recorded at Ardent Studios in 1980 and produced by Jim Dickinson.

In the wake of Big Star's demise and the death of long term collaborator, Chris Bell, this is Alex at his rawest; angriest; most vulnerable, possibly, and definitely most agreeable. Those who dismissed it as a major blowout of no artistic consequence passed on the opportunity to get under the skin of a hugely entertaining reinvention, in much the same 'vein' as Neil Young's "Tonight's The Night".

I love it, warts and all.

And thanks for the "phenomenally" kind words, Mike!

Mike said...

Thanks for the needed texture, ib. I actually did not know the album until this weekend. Spent some time listening to it yesterday, and have already uploaded it onto my mp3 player for further listening pleasure. Very much digging it right now.