Thursday, January 22, 2009

Big Star -
Untitled Instrumental
Thirteen (alternate mix)

Available on this bootleg. Thanks to Clunk for the tip, and to Mike for the synchronicity!

Click here to read SPC's original post of "Thirteen", with some vintage commentary from ib.

The question remains: what did they say about Paint It, Black?


theneedledrop said...

I'm seeing a lot of big star-related posts everywhere lately. Are they having a resurgence? Are people finally going to realize how awesome Chris Bell is?

ib said...

Thanks for these two, Emmett; I haven't heard this bootleg previously.

The instrumental is especially fine, with its echoes of Led Zeppelin.

ib said...

And the bridge on "Thirteen" comes over with an even bigger Beatles' slam on this take, too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Needledrop, thanks for chiming in! IB - does this instro sound like Zeppelin? I know it sounds like something - perhaps Page-ian guitar. There's mellotron in it. Also some kind of awesome wind sounds.

ib said...

Emmett, it's definitely familiar; I just can't place it.