Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Power Station - Some Like It Hot

One of the quintessential Tedward jams. This one got my in-laws dancing at a recent family Christmas gathering, and moved them to declare it their "favorite song" (true story). Produced by Bernard Edwards. Surprising key change from the intro to the verse at 0:32.

Some like it hot but you can't tell how hot till you try.


Anonymous said...

worse "all-star" lineup: The Power Station, The Firm or Tin Machine?

(and NO, not a "three way tie for last", or asking "Is death an option?")

I'll take Tin Machine.

Big B said...

Jude, I'll second Tin Machine.

Anonymous said...

In spite of the fact -- no, because of the fact -- that I'm a huge Bowie fan, it's definitely Tin Machine for me.

Had to remind myself who besides Jimmy Page was in the Firm, so read up on Wikipedia. Sorry for the long post, but the following bit about an '85 tour raises a lot of points for further study:

The band only played two UK concerts on this tour at Middlesbrough Town Hall, and the London Hammersmith Odeon. As well as Firm songs the band played solo material by Paul and Jimmy. This included Paul Rodgers gliding onto stage seated at a piano to sing Live in Peace from his earlier solo album. Jimmy played songs from the Death Wish II album, which featured his trademark playing of the guitar with a violin bow while beneath a laser pyramid.

Anonymous said...

JDN in the house! The guitar riff from "Radioactive" is amazing... I'll not have these great bands slandered on my watch!

Beneath a laser pyramid,

Anonymous said...

Yes Emmitt, the riff is amazing...

But, post-Bad Company Paul Rodgers is some of the LAZIEST live singing mankind has ever known. It's pathetic when great, soulful voices like his are shelved willingly by the singer in favor of resorting to preening on a stage, toting a mic stand and projecting the mic into the crowd so they can do his job for him.

I paid to hear YOU sing, Paul. He's still pulling this bollocks with Queen these days.

Either sing or leave the stage.