Friday, January 09, 2009

Shirley Bassey - Moonraker

I listened to this about a hundred times before I realized that the triangle in the backing track is meant to evoke the weightlessness of spaceflight.

Music by John Barry. Lyrics by the incomparable Hal David.

I've seen your smile
In a thousand dreams
Felt your touch
And it always seems
You love me


Anonymous said...

Tiger Bay's Sultry Dame Bassey's spectacular vocals add the extra Bondfactor needed to balance a rather lackluster movie. She does it in style and John Barry's evocative Moonraker sound, yet again, demonstrates that sometimes the audience is captivated by the theme song rather than the cellular performances. A must have for any Bond Soundtrack Fan. Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...


One of my favorite bond title! The first Bond that I saw at the movie theater and one of the greatest experience of my childness. The first thing that I did was to buy the record... Now as an adult I can see that it's not a very good movie, but it still does the trick for me if I put my mind in a "child mood"... And John Barry is a pure genius...

While we are speaking of "Space", I'm searching for a title which I absolutly love. I found it on Lovefingers and it's called "Space Traveller" by James Vincent. But it's a shame the title on Lovefinger is in mono quality. I found that the true title was "Alone (Space traveller)" and was longer that what was shown on Lovefingers...but the first part of the song is a pretty boring guitar solo. If anyone here by any chance have the second part of this song in stereo I would be absolutly thrilled! The production of this title is absolutly magic...Thank's again for your various taste here... "Moonraker" is one more proof that I'm on the good blog!

Best regards from a very very cold Paris!


Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, thanks for the comment! Has John Barry been knighted yet? We might have had a Dame and a Sir in the same post.

Renaud: Good to hear from you! I'll look into the Lovefingers jam you mentioned. If Lovefingers has it only in mono something tells me it's hard to come by in stereo -- but I'll look forward to hearing this and doing a little research.

Greetings from cold & snowy New York, where the frost winds blow...