Friday, February 13, 2009

The Paradise - In Love With You
10cc - I'm Not In Love

Thanks to Marcos over at acid test DJ's for pointing out the connection between these two. Who knew the production on I'm Not In Love was this insane?


Dan said...

Thanks for The Paradise!

nice article on 10cc here:

Michael said...

The 10cc tune is one of my all time faves.

I just last month picked up a greatest hits disc to get the song. Got a little toasted, put on the headphones, and wow! I was blown away at the production and how damn good it sounded.

I've never heard The Paradise tune - its great too. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for chiming in, guys; glad you like the tunes. The Paradise is one of those jams that's been posted about 50 times on the Internet but it needs to be posted 50 more.

"Got a little toasted, put on the headphones, and wow! I was blown away at the production and how damn good it sounded."

...story of my life, Michael! :)

Anonymous said...

BTW thx for the article link, Omnibolg!

"It worked, but the loop itself — and this is where it gets interesting — had to be made up from multiple voices we'd done on the 16-track machine. Each note of a chromatic scale was sung 16 times, so we got 16 tracks of three people singing for each note. That was Kevin, Lol and GiGi standing around a valve Neumann U67 in the studio, singing 'Aahhh' for around three weeks. I'm telling you; three bloody weeks. We eventually had 48 voices for each note of the chromatic scale, and since there are 13 notes in the chromatic scale, this made a total of 624 voices. My next problem was how to get all that into the track."


Anonymous said...


I discovered 10cc recently : it's an awesome band for sure.

I love their track "The Worst Band In The World", sampled by J.Dilla for Workinonit, on the Donuts album.

I love The Paradise track, which is in fact Alan Braxe and the singer Romuald Louverjon.

Discogs page about The Paradise

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you again, WDPK! I knew that The Paradise was a pseudonym but I did not know that Romuald was the singer. Romuald gives a great performance on this song, no diggity.

AIS-T said...

thanks v much for the 10cc track.
epic. i totally agree with emmet about the 50+ posts.. it seems that track is still quite of a hard find in the sense that ppl come up asking what. is. this. track?

keep up the great work!