Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pete Townshend - Forever's No Time At All

Thanks to Ted for reminding me that I never did get around to hearing this album. Unsure of the instrumentation on this, but I think it might be Pete Townshend (drums & vocals), Caleb Quaye^ (guitar), Billy Nicholls (vocals & all other instruments). Anyone know for sure? Written by Billy Nicholls and Katie McInnerney. File under: white jumpsuits.

^older brother of Finley


Anonymous said...

That white jumpsuit makes him look like a housepainter or somewhat unslovenly but atypically nontubby drywall installer (save for that mass of pubic-like hair all over his head). Not especially a look that cries out "Rock!" in any way.

Duncanmusic said...

on my Ryko expanded edition from 1992 it says Billy sings and plays`acoustic and Caleb Quaye plays everything else. Nice choice of song off the Lp. I also share your passion for all things Billy Nichols.

Anonymous said...

yeah this is a killer track. waiting to get rediscovered in a big way.