Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Only Chrome-Waterfall Orchestra - Nairam

From the album Mike Gibbs directs The only Chrome-Waterfall Orchestra. Arguably the best album title and sleeve design of all time.


Anonymous said...

Love it. I think this tune was written by Phillipe Catherine. Robert Wyatt turned it into "Mariyan" on Shleep.

emmett said...

Hey Anon, awesome, thanks for the info! You're right, this was written by P. Catherine, and earlier today I was browsing his discography & I saw he had played on Shleep, but, not having that album, I didn't realize this tune was re-worked for that. Good stuff. I'll be checking that out. Thx again for the comment.

ib said...

Very good shit; although I must confess I misread the cover as "Gnome Waterfall", initially.

Interesting too, to dwell on the Robert Wyatt connection.