Saturday, April 11, 2009

Two posts on the World Wide Web that might be worth your time:

1) Terry Riley's In C for free from Amazon.

2) The NYT running a piece on the Grateful Dead. Don't miss the photos, the vote for the best show ever, or the discussion on the vote, in which I felt compelled to add a comment.

I have some Otis Redding lined up for the morning. Goodnight.


Emmett said...

Good morning!

I thought everyone agreed the best Dead show was Chateau D'Herouville 6/21/71?

see here

Sheridan Dupre said...
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Sheridan Dupre said...

I read about that In C offer, but it seems amazon has pulled it? The Dead pics are a hoot.

Mike said...

Aha... If anyone would like In C, I can post it here. I think it is about 75 mb.

ib said...

So far as I can gather, "In C" is still there as a 'free' download; but as a reviewer pointed out, there is an almighty catch where you are compelled to submit credit card details to either iTunes or Amazon in advance although no payment will be pending.

I had Terry's "In C" as a VBR rip at less than 128 kbps. The fidelity was shocking. Great piece of electronic pioneering.

Mike said...

Oh yeah, they probably require people to live in the US as well... Maybe I will post In C here this week. WTF.