Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Martha My Dear

The Beatles: Martha My Dear

January 14, 1969 - "A/B Road" session tapes also known as The Nagra Reels.
More info on the "Get Back" sessions here. (All these "aka's" can make one dizzy.)


Emmett said...

Love it. Such beautiful chords on this one. Couple things - this probably isn't from '69 considering the White Album came out in '68. Also there's a couple of digital gremlins in there.

Emmett said...

Oops: on second listen, I realize this probably is from '69 and Paul is just explaining his contrapuntal science to someone using a known song. Apologies.

Big B said...

This was recorded during the '69 'Get Back' Sessions.

Gremlins are on the actual tape...a la bootleg quality. The link provides some more details. Believe there are 19 hours of recordings from this session. A friend recently hooked me up with the January 14th tape.

emmett said...

Nice - thanks for addressing my concerns, B.

life of the beatles said...

Yep, that's the right date - to confuse things further, he also played "Back Seat of My Car," which wouldn't be released for another two years.