Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Satwa: Allegro Piradissimo

Original air date: 3/27/07. For eleven January evenings in 1973, the Morroccan sitar of Lula Cortes and the 12-string of Lailson de Holanda Cavalcanti haunted the northeastern shores of Brazil. When the fire died down and the body finally cut loose the duo went their separate ways. Here is the third track from the first published independent album in Brazil.


emmett said...

Classic. Like I said before: I can see my girl's brown body dancing through the turquoise.

ib said...

Yes. Now the fire has rekindled, it has risen up from the ashes on a mistral.

I just managed to source this down. Thanks for the reminder, Big B!

emmett said...

I just had to look up "mistral" in ye olde dictionary!

IB rules.

andrew said...

Time-Lag Records just re-issued Lula Cortes' "Rosa de Sangue". Definitely worth the $25.