Sunday, May 03, 2009

Grant Green: I Can't Stop Loving You

Grant Green's take on the Don Gibson standard, off of Goin' West, an album recorded in 1962 but not released until 1969.

The lineup:
Grant Green, guitar
Herbie Hancock, piano
Reggie Workman, bass
Billy Higgins, drums

From Nat Hentoff's liner notes:

"Grant Green's tone--warm but strong, flowing but controlled--is fused into "I Can't Stop Loving You" so that while the song remains pulsating with sentiment, it does not become awash with sentimentality. The performance also illuminates the ruminative lyricism of Herbie Hancock who also--as on every track--demonstrates the considerable art of unfailingly tasteful accompaniment. And as for Mr. Higgins, his brushwork is a joy to the more subtle senses."



Mike said...

Rainy Sunday post. I like it. Impressive lineup. In your collection?

Big Ed Dunkel said...

Reminds me of that funny Madlib/Quasimoto track, "Return of the Loop Digga" where Quas goes into a record store and asks,"Do you happen to have any Stanley Cowell, 1970s stuff?" The shop employee replies, "No, no I never heard of him. Has he made any hits?" Quas turns to something else: "Well, you have any Grant Green back there?" The employee gets all proud: "Yes, yes, 1958. Blue Note Records." Quas keeps pressing: "How about Chick Corea, Innerspace? I'm looking for that, it's on Atlantic, 1968." The employee: "Sorry." Finally, in disgust, Quas demands to know: "What kinda breaks you got back there?"

Sheridan Dupre said...

Glad you like it. Yep, in my not very extensive Grant green collection.

Big Ed, sounds great, but I think I'm going to have to hit up google to get my bearings here...

emmett said...

For some reason which I have since forgotten, Nat Hentoff came and spoke to my 8th grade English class. True story. I don't remember what he talked about.

Musaklee said...

Ahhh what a beauty! Many thanks. I can go to bed now... but wait, wait... let me listen to it a fifth time (...)

P.S. It's official: I'm looking for it now.

Big Ed Dunkel said...

You gotta give it a listen, Dupre. It's one of the funnier tracks in my library (although it helps if you're a Madlib-fool like me).