Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Steely Dan: The Caves of Altamira

Off of The Royal Scam. Becker and Fagan write of the cover art - "before long we find ourselves staring into the maw of the most hideous album cover of the seventies, bar none, (excepting perhaps Can't Buy a Thrill). Why are those buildings turning into reptilian horrors or vice versa? What squalid back alley of the human condition is meant to be invoked by this contused nightmare palette? What manner of man - ill-shod, unshaven - dares sleep peacefully through this fearsome and repulsive protomorph?"

The cover reminds me of Ghostbusters, I'm slightly ashamed to say.


emmett said...


word verification: cluddled

Sheridan Dupre said...

According to such elitist sources as the OED, 'contuse' is not a word. According to the liner notes of The Scam, it is. Unless it is a misprint for confused, I think we need go with The Dan and their Bard education and contused.

Usage, eg: Writing this comment made me contused.